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A Simple Guide to Sales Forecasting for Shopify

Are you ready to take the success of your Shopify store to the next level? 

You may be thinking that you needed to invest in different inventory types to transform your business’s success. However, one of the most common problems that business owners face is investing in inventory that isn’t going to sell in the future.

With the help of sales forecasting, you can get an accurate forecast to help you make smarter decisions about your business. Sales forecasting will help you to get an understanding of what you need to prepare your business for in terms of budgeting, goals, and other factors that will impact your Shopify store’s revenue.

Keep reading to learn more about the importance of using sales forecasting for your Shopify store.

sales forecasting

What Is Sales Forecasting?

Every time there’s somebody who purchases a product on your online store, you can gather insight from this sale. This insight is data that you can then use to make predictions about your business and about your sales.

The sales forecasting process is used to predict future sales from the data you have collected from previous sales. You’ll use economic trends, public sales data, and historical sales data to understand where your future sales should be around.

Using sales forecasting to help you predict future revenue that your business will incur, you can prepare for an influx in sales and business growth. Shopify store owners should use sales forecasting to allocate resources to identify potential new customers in their market and retain their current customer bases.

Why Is Sales Forecasting Important?

Sales forecasting and inventory optimization

Became a retail mastermind you always wanted to be.

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Using sales forecasting for your Shopify store will help you to identify potential issues that can occur in the future before they happen. This will allow you to mitigate these problems or avoid them altogether.

Discovering these problems now, before they happen, can help you to reallocate your goals and your budget.

What Can Impact Your Shopify’s Sales Forecast?

Several factors can go into impacting the accuracy of the sales forecasting for your Shopify. Some of these factors include:

Changes in Your Competition

What your competition is doing is going to impact how many cells are making. For example, if your competition has a huge sale, you’re likely going to be losing out on a lot of sales. On the opposite end of the spectrum, if one of your competitors shut down their business, you’ll likely see an increase in how many sales you’re making.

Changes in the Market

Are you aware of all the changes that are being made in the market that you’re selling in?

You should be aware of products or services expected to be an anticipated rise in your market. This can fluctuate depending on products introduced to the market and if your market depends heavily on certain seasons.

Employee Fluctuation

If you’ve had a lot of employees leave your company in recent days or weeks, your revenue will see the impact. This is because you won’t have as many people focusing on getting orders out of the door or helping customers with their needs.

Understanding the Importance of Sales Forecasting for Your Business

By implementing sales forecasting for your Shopify store, you’ll get a better understanding of expected changes that you will see shortly. This will help you to prepare your employees better, your products, and your finances.

Are you interested in using sales forecasting tools that’ll help you to predict your Shopify sales? We’re here to help you. Learn more today!

Sales forecasting
and inventory optimization

Became a retail mastermind you always wanted to be.

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