Coplenishment ™

Share your long term replenishment plans with your supplier. Keep them informed well ahead of any inventory supply disaster.

A world where companies share their plans is a world with less error, less waste and less CO2. It’s a world we wish to live in.


What happens next? The mystery of the unknown in the supply chain is what keeps our consumer society vulnerable. Keeping everything available at all times in all scenarios and all circumstances results in massive “what-if” stock. And that what-if-stock multiplies from the manufacturer to the wholesaler, the retailer, all the way to the consumer. Suddenly the supply chain piles up with mess, ready to implode. Implode for what? For the unknown? No, for secrets mainly! 

Two companies, working together side by side for decades – completely reliant on one another. And yet, they never come to sit down and share information. They hesitate to find the time to share business plans, so that everybody can prepare for the same opportunities, and learn from the same mistakes. 

Hurricanes just keep on happening and black swan events became seasonal. Now, more than ever, the need to build transparent, resilient supply chains without secrets is of critical importance. Now’s the time to replenish collectively, to coplenish!

Coplenishment, turns trade secrets upside down. Coplenishment makes replenishment a collective effort; a mutual B2B agreement. It’s where the retailer shares their sales plans with the wholesaler, and the wholesaler connects the manufacturer in the loop as well. It’s the moment when everybody knows what’s going to happen and suddenly all those what-if piles of stock disappear. And running a smooth retail operation is a collective work of numerous companies, standing strong side by side.

And suddenly fewer lorries drive on the highways and just like that, fewer mega-ships cross the ocean. The world becomes a better place. And all it took, was to click the magic button. Share.   

Radim & Tomas @ Inventoro