Sales forecasting
and inventory management
like the big players

AI-driven sales forecasting, replenishment
optimization, and industry-standard
inventory management.

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Inventoro helps you to buy less and sell more.


Decrease inventory by 40%

Follow our recommendations to decrease your inventory, so you can free up your cash for growth.

Make Cash

Increase revenue by 5%

Clean your product portfolio and concentrate on the products which create most of your profits.

Save Time

Save up to 20 hours a week

Automate your orders and reduce time in ordering and replenishing stock.

Satisfy Customers

Increase product availability to 99%+

Keeping products available for sale at all times is good for business and even better for customer satisfaction.

Get Immediate Inventory Insights
Improve Your Cash Flow
Reduce Inventory Space
Increase Profits
Improve Your Portfolio
Forecast Peaks
Avoid Unnecessary Stockouts
Get Immediate Inventory Insights
Improve Your Cash Flow
Reduce Inventory Space
Increase Profits
Improve Your Portfolio
Forecast Peaks
Avoid Unnecessary Stockouts

Saving millions, making millions

number of integrated customers
4.2 billion $
cumulative annual turnover of our clients
750 million $
cumulative inventory value of our clients
6.2 million
cumulative number of products we forecast


Sales forecasting

By analyzing the past we can predict the future. We take a look at your sales two years back and calculate how your business works.

Product Segmentation Inventoro

We learn your portfolio and divide all your products into top sellers (Winners), slow movers (Chasers), and dead inventory (Losers)

Replenishment screen Inventoro

Every day we create a replenishment list with goods that need to be ordered. Follow these guidelines and watch your inventory decrease and product availability rise over time.

System integration

Seamlessly integrate your inventory data via our growing family of partnering platforms

Connect your inventory data and our AI will take a look back and predict future sales with higher-level accuracy.

We are proud to bring powerful sales forecasting technologies for SMEs. Join hundreds of our customers who already use Inventoro every day.


Our plan is only based on one variable and that is annual turnover. But no matter how big or small your business is, everybody gets:

Unlimited functions

Unlimited  warehouse


Unlimited  SKUs


Unlimited  connections


Unlimited  users


Key functions

Smart  replenishment


Product  segmentation


Sales  forecasting


Your annual turnover is…

Too see your price simply slide the bar your annual turnover in USD

Up to USD

12 000 000 USD Annual turnover

$299 per month
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Inside Inventoro

We used to sell the system only to retail giants. Now it’s yours to use for affordable prices.

1,000,000 lines of code

We’ve spent 15 years creating the system. We have served over 1,000 customers and fine-tuned our unique forecasting methods to perfection.

102 beautiful algorithms

A collection of algorithms that work beautifully together and even compete with each other to yield real-time, accurate forecasts.

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Better every day

We combine time proven mathematical methods with deep learning algorithms and let them compete with one another to see which works best for your business. The more they compete, the better Inventoro gets.

Because every business
is unique