QuickBooks sales forecasting, demand planning and replenishment by Inventoro

Inventoro automates sales forecasting, demand planning and replenishment for QuickBooks

QuickBooks has more than 7 million small and medium-sized companies around the globe. What we have in common are values: more money, more time, more confidence. This is exactly the same as what we try to bring to our customers through accurate sales forecasts and optimum replenishment. We are now part of their outstanding platform and we are ready to help their customers to fight with giant retailers. 

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Inventoro key functionalities for QuickBooks

Sales forecasting and demand planning

Once we are connected with a QuickBooks account we can use historical sales data and start to predict the future. We have more than 102 mathematical algorithms and for every SKU within the portfolio we automatically use the one with the highest forecast accuracy. We also use machine learning including deep learning. We do that job every day. The main output is the sales forecast of future sales. On a monthly, weekly and daily basis.

Product segmentation

The next functionality is  product segmentation, or as we call it Winners & Losers. It tells QuickBooks business owners, which products are the most profitable and which create inventory trash. QuickBooks customers now have a chance to quickly identify their dead stock in any given location they need.

Inventory management

We also do all the stuff which is most critical for effective inventory management. For every SKU within the client’s inventory we calculate optimal safety stock based on historical sales, optimal product availability, lead time of supplier and his variability in lead time. Nothing is constant for Inventoro. We do this job every day and every time we are searching for new optimum for these variables. To hit the highest possible availability + revenue and lowest possible inventory. We find the perfect balance between these two worlds.

Automatic replenishment and purchase order proposal

Last final piece of our puzzle is the connection of all functionalities above. For every SKU and supplier we propose optimum purchase orders on a daily basis. We know the sales forecast, inventory on hand, lead time, purchase period etc. and at the end of this process the output is a perfect purchase order proposal. By following our replenishment recommendations, QuickBooks customers can reduce their inventory by up to 20% and increase the availability of products to plus 99%.

After you connect your QuickBooks account

Increase product availability to 99+%

Product availability is the key to customer success. Inventoro helps to keep the important items in stock at all times.

Release 20% of your inventory working capital

Keeping your inventory lean proves effective in so many ways. Save cash on space, handling time and improve your cashflow at the same time.

Save up to 20 hours a week on administration

Our purchase order recommendations help you make data-drive purchase decisions in seconds.