Easy and accurate sales forecasting available to all Stripe users

Connect your Stripe with Inventoro to access advanced sales forecasting. 

Stripe is used by millions of businesses all over the world for accepting payments, sending payouts, and managing their businesses online. Now all Stripe users can use Inventoro app for forecasting their sales and business planning. With unique AI-driven sales forecasting algorithms you can get the maximum of your sales by just a few click

Sales forecasting

Inventoro key functionalities for Stripe

Stripe sales forecasting and demand planning

Sales forecasting has never been easier for Stripe users. Now that Inventoro and Stripe have a solid and secure API connection, users can upload their data to Inventoro. From that moment on Stripe users can see how much they will sell in the future. Stripe, as the global payment platform, hosts many small and medium retailers, which now can become data-driven directly with just a few clicks. After you connect Stripe with Inventoro account you’ll get access to the most advanced sales forecasting tools that exist.

Business and cash-flow planning

With a Stripe account connected to Inventoro, you can easily reflect the data provided by Inventoro to your business, cash-flow and planning. With Inventoro AI-driven accuracy proven by thousands of users even you can plan your sales and like a big companies.

Protect your business from seasonality

Historical data provided by Stripe to Inventoro can protect your business from seasonality and unexpected sales drops. Everything you need to avoid to build a successful business is shown in Inventoro app by AI-driven data with breath-taking accuracy.

Key Inventoro benefits

Increase product availability to 99+%

Product availability is the key to customer success. Inventoro helps to keep the important items in stock at all times.

Release 20% of your inventory working capital

Keeping your inventory lean proves effective in so many ways. Save cash on space, handling time and improve your cashflow at the same time.

Save up to 20 hours a week on administration

Our purchase order recommendations help you make data-drive purchase decisions in seconds.