White label

All the perks of our solution but in your colors, your app, your style, your words and your pricing


The product & ego

Inventoro is an inventory forecasting SaaS tool for SMEs offering extended possibilities for savings as well as sales boost.

Our mission is to connect as many SMEs to our solution and help them compete with global retail barons.

That’s why we are low on ego. Our logo and name are not important. We want to deliver our product at scale and fast.

That’s why we offer our solution also as a white label product.

  • Product segmentation
  • Sales forecasting
  • Purchase orders for each day
  • Simple strategy settings
  • Cloud based
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited SKUs
  • Unlimited warehouses

How we make white label possible

Our system has a unique architecture, which enables us to quickly deploy our solution to almost any cloud software with data.

Not only that. There are even several levels of our white label solution. You may choose just to use our algorithms or inherit our front end and just change the colors and styles.

Our general API then secures fast and seamless data exchange between your clients and our servers.

We can be live literally in a few weeks.

How can white label be applied to your solution?

1 Full interface integration

In the full interface integration, we will provide you with our REACT front-end elements and give you the ability to change the styles and adapt the product to your look and feel. You can even add/remove some core elements or even extra pages. The whole framework will be open. This option is ideal for those clients, which just need to add a forecasting feature to their environment with as little development as possible.

2 Core technology-only integration

The core technology-only integration allows you to create a new front end completely from scratch. This solution is ideal for software owners who are searching for middleware to add forecasting abilities to their product. Typically, this is used by clients, who already have software of their own and just wish to add a new “forecasting” tab to their product. But who are we to tell you what you should do 🙂 With the core technology-only solution the use case is entirely up to you. We just take care of the calculations in the back end.


Customer data
White Label

Public front end app

You can use everything from here and just change the colors and styles

White Label

Data cleaning and transformation platform

Or just use from this part and create your own experience.

White Label

Forecasting algorithms

Our algorithms are always in the background doing all the hard forecasting work.

What type of data can enrich your solution

Sales forecast

per product (article or SKU) in quantity and also in revenue for next 24 month ahead

Promotion forecast

for articles in future promotions

Purchase orders

per SKU and Supplier for next 24 months ahead (daily basis)

Product segmentation

 Winners, Chasers & Losers

Flexible pricing model

We understand that every business is different and we are fully flexible in offering the best pricing model, that fits your needs. You can even come up with a different model. We are ready to talk about anything.

Pricing per client
Revenue share
Monthly unlimited fixed price
Hybrid models

Dividing responsibilities

  • Algorithmic forecasting
  • SLA
  • Technical support
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Technical and marketing documentation
  • Sales
  • Customer support
  • Billing
  • Pricing
  • Marketing

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