Inventory Management

How to boost retail sales with smart inventory forecasting

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Written by: Jul Domingo Your inventory should meet Goldilocks’ standards – not too hot or too cold, just right. Having adequate inventory on hand is essential so that you can meet demand and backorders won’t…

Sales forecasting and inventory optimization

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A new Feature in Inventoro

We have some exciting news to share with you! We’ve just launched a new feature, and it’s really awesome! For the first time ever, our software Inventoro tells you exactly how much money you can…

Sales Forecasting for Ecommerce in 2021

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Advertising and Inventory Forecasting

Today we’re going to discuss advertising and inventory forecasting. Now you would think that those two fields are not interconnected, but we’re going to make a case today to show you how important it is…

5 Tips for Improving Your Inventory Management in 2021

inventory management

Inventory management remains one of the most important ways you can transform your e-commerce business into a profitable and successful enterprise. This is one of the critical competitive advantages that you can gain in 2021 when virtually every business is feeling “the squeeze” following shutdowns and social distancing measures that have accompanied the COVID-19 pandemic.

The complete guide to inventory forecasting

Inventory Inventoro

Inventory forecasting can help you reduce inventory and increase product availability. The process requires smart software algorithms to succeed. If done right, inventory forecasting also improves your customer satisfaction and saves time on replenishment administration.

Six effective ways retail businesses get rid of their dead stock

dead stock

Dead Stock. They hold your inventory space and your cash flow at the same time. More importantly, they hold you back from real growth. Our data shows that on average dead stock makes up around 40% of your inventory, which makes it a major obstacle to your business success.

How to reduce inventory, with or without a software solution

In general, Inventory management is how you can make sure your customers can spend as much money as possible at your company. This means keeping products available for sale, offering customers the products they want to buy, and not keeping unnecessary overstock, all at the same time.