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Seven points to consider before choosing the right business intelligence software for your retail business

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A successful retail business is all about getting the numbers right, especially the scale of those numbers. Retail empires start small, usually driven by the owner’s passion for a certain field or interest. Let’s say you know everything there is to know about fly fishing. You’ve tried everything, every piece of equipment, so you know what’s best. You leverage this skill and know-how into your very first retail shop. You are in the best position to give good, professional advice to your customers. You know which manufacturers are for real, and which ones make shiny but useless pieces of equipment. So you start your business and quickly become popular among sport fishermen. The sky is the limit now. Or is it?

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5 signs you need to invest in BI software for your retail business

business intelligence

The retail business becomes ever more competitive, organizations that use some sort of business intelligence software seem to have an advantage over those who don’t. And everybody seems to be crazy about AI. It’s AI this, AI that. But is AI the answer to everything?