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Dictionary Z

Zero ControlControl and stocktaking operation to increase the availability of stocks. If following a movement a storage space is empty, it must be checked and advised upon transport acknowledgement that the storage space is really empty.
Zero defectsA quality philosophy based on the idea that a level of perfect quality, as in zero defects, is achievable and should be a company-wide goal. It emphasises the examination of all factors that lead to quality problems versus a system that builds in an average or acceptable quality level.
Zero floatA project activity condition of no excess or slack time, where delay in the activity delays the next activity or possibly the entire project.
Zero inventoriesPart of the principles of just-in-time which relates to the elimination of waste by having only required materials when needed.
Zero suppressIn data processing, this is a utility module used to remove non-significant zeros to the left of a number before the printing process takes place.
Zero-zero weatherWeather where flying visibility is not effective, in any direction.
ZEVZero Emissions Vehicle. Vehicle powered by hydrogen fuel cell (HFC) which emits virtually no harmful emissions into the environment , in effect a clean air vehicle.
ZFManufacturer of vehicle gearboxes/transmission systems, etc.
ZincsPlates made of zinc placed between steel and bronze to prevent an electrolytic Process.
ZodiacA rubber dinghy. An inflatable craft for the transport of people.
ZoneArea, belt or district extending about a certain point defined for transport and/or charge purpose
Zone Haulage RateThe rate for which the carrier will undertake the haulage of goods or containers between either the place of delivery and the carrier’s appropriate terminal. Such haulage will be undertaken only subject to the terms and conditions of the tariff and of the carrier’s Combined Transport Bill of Lading.
Zone Improvement PlanAbbreviation: ZIP .System to simplify sorting and delivery of mail, consisting of a number of five digits (the so-called ZIP-code) for identification of the state, city or district, and the postal zone in the U.S.A. delivery areas.
Zone of Rate FlexibilityRailroads are permitted to raise rates by a percentage increase in the railroad cost index determined by the ICC; rates may be raised by 6% per year through 1984 and 4% thereafter.
Zone of Rate FreedomMotor carriers are permitted to raise or lower rates by 10% in one year without ICC interference; if the rate change is within the zone of freedom, the rate is presumed to be reasonable.
Zone of ReasonablenessA zone or limit within which air carriers are permitted to change rates without regulatory scrutiny; if the rate change is within the zone, the new rate is presumed to be reasonable.
Zone PickingA method of subdividing a picking list by areas within a storeroom for more efficient and rapid order picking. A zone-picked order must be grouped to a single location and the separate pieces combined before delivery or must be delivered to different locations, such a work centers. Also see: Batch Picking
Zone PriceThe constant price of a product at all geographic locations within the zone.
Zone SkippingFor shipments via the US Postal Service, depositing mail at a facility one or more zones closer to the destination. This option would benefit customers operating in close proximity to a zone border or shipping sufficient volumes to offset additional transportation costs.
Zone Status(USA) Merchandise admitted to a U. S. Foreign Trade Zone may be given a special status which affects what may done with it. For example: when entered into the U. S. Customs territory it may be dutiable at rates and values applicable at that time; or it may be given a status which fixes the applicable rates and values at those in effect at the time when it was admitted to the zone; or it may have a status which denies entry to the U.S.A. altogether.
Zone storageDistricts of the United States used in rate-making in connection with express traffic and rates.
Zone User(USA) A corporation, partnership or party that uses a U.S. foreign trade zone for storage, handling, processing, or manufacturing merchandise, whether foreign or domestic.
Zones expressThe eight divisions of the United States and its processions made for the purpose of establishing parcel-post rates.
Zones parcel postMerchandise stored in the warehouse in large areas and given area location.
Zulu TimeTime based on Greenwich Mean Time.

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