Inventory forecasting is available to Magento users

Build your successful ecommerce with Magento and scale it with Inventoro’s sales forecasting and stock optimization technology.

Magento is an ecommerce website platform owned by Adobe that specializes in ecommerce websites. More than 250 000 Magento users have access to hundreds of unique features that help them connect with their customers and sell their products and now Inventoro is among them.


Inventoro key functionalities for Magento

Sales forecasting and demand planning

Sales forecasting has never been easier for Magento customers. As soon as Inventoro and Magento have a solid API connection, users will be able to upload their data to Inventoro. From that moment on Magento users can see how much they will sell in the future. Magento, as an e-commerce platform, hosts many small and medium retailers, which are going to get the ability to become data driven directly in the Magento app store.

Dead stock identification

Dead stock is one of the greatest pains of any retail business. Large or small. With Inventoro Magento owners will be able to quickly understand where lies the gold of their inventory and what items should be delisted from their offerings, as they just hold the business back.

Automate purchase order lists for each day

If there is one thing business owners on Magento could use a little more, than it is time. Creating purchase order lists for suppliers is an everyday monster retail owners have to face. With Inventoro automatic purchase order lists are not only convenient, they lead to major saving as well. By following Inventoro’s replenishment recommendations, Magento owners will be able to substantially reduce their stock and increase the availability of their products at the same time.

Inventoro helps to reduce inventory for Magento clients

Magento, home to many small and medium retail businesses around the world, could tell a story or two about cashflow. It is the number one strain for almost any retail business. Large or small. That’s why it is important to search for ways to free cash and help retail owners breathe some more. With Inventoro, Magento owners will be able to reduce their inventory by up to 20% and substantially improve their cash in hand, without compromising on product availability.

After you connect your Magento account

Increase product availability to 99+%

Product availability is the key to customer success. Inventoro helps to keep the important items in stock at all times.

Release 20% of your inventory working capital

Keeping your inventory lean proves effective in so many ways. Save cash on space, handling time and improve your cashflow at the same time.

Save up to 20 hours a week on administration

Our purchase order recommendations help you make data-drive purchase decisions in seconds.