Cin7 Omni

CIN7 users making the most out of inventory forecasting

CIN7 has become a global standard inventory and order management system for multi-channel retailers around the world, allowing retailers to grow smart, earn more, and speed up their business. Now, together with Inventoro, CIN7 users have the ability to use the power of AI inventory forecasting for smart replenishment, maximum product availability, and minimal overstock.

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Inventoro key functionalities for Cin7 Omni

Inventory forecasting and demand planning

Inventory forecasting has never been easier for Cin7 customers. Now that Inventoro and Cin7 have a solid API connection, users can upload their data to Inventoro. From that moment on Cin7 users can see how much they will sell in the future. We further use this data to calculate optimal replenishment plans to reach optimal inventory, avoid stockouts and reduce inventory altogether.

Multichannel optimisation

Cin7 is a global standard for multichannel warehouse management. Retail operators around the world rely on Cin7 with multichannel and multiwarehouse management in the cloud. Inventoro is a perfect fit. We do inventory forecasting and optimization to the smallest level possible, treating each point of sale separately.

Automate purchase order lists for each day

If there is one thing business owners on Cin7 could use a little more, then it is time. Creating purchase order lists for suppliers is an everyday monster product sellers have to face. With Inventoro automatic purchase order lists are not only convenient, but they also lead to major savings as well. By following Inventoro’s replenishment recommendations, Cin7 owners can substantially reduce their stock and increase the availability of their products at the same time.

Inventoro helps to reduce inventory for Cin7 Omni users

Cin7, home to many SME retail businesses around the world, could tell a story or two about cash flow. It is the number one strain for almost any retail business. Large or small. That’s why it is important to search for ways to free cash and help retail owners breathe some more. With Inventoro, Cin7 owners can now reduce their inventory by up to 20% and substantially improve their cash in hand, without compromising on product availability.

After you connect your Cin7 Omni account

Increase product availability to 99+%

Product availability is the key to customer success. Inventoro helps to keep the important items in stock at all times, avoiding stockout altogether.

Release 20% of your inventory working capital

Keeping your inventory lean proves effective in so many ways. Save cash on space, handling time and improve your cashflow at the same time.

Save up to 20 hours a week on administration

Our purchase order recommendations help you make data-driven purchase decisions in seconds.