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Základní informace

Obrat: 654 333 000 Kč
Celková aktiva: 281 204 000 Kč
Zvýšení dostupnosti položek na současných: 99.9%+
Snížení vázaného kapitálu: -35%
Zvýšení tržeb: +65%

Kontaktní informace

Web: http://www.bonavita.cz/
Sídlo: Praha, Česká republika
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  • Increase in service level from 96% to 99.9%
  • Working capital in supplies reduced by 35% (while increasing service level!)
  • Increase in sales by 65%
  • Inventory turnover reduced from 30 to 17 dní


Bonavita is of one the most important producers and sellers of rational nutrion in The Czech Republic and it's one of the significant companies in the european market of breakfast cereals.

They provide 1/3 of all cereal products in The Czech Republic including the distribution. 40% of their sales income come from export.

The cooperation between Logio and Bonavita started in may 2009. By then, it was a rapidly growing company with insufficient store capacities which lead to necessity of hiring out external store capacities. By the time, the distribution between the stores was getting more complex. Everything was managed at decentralized base using an information system with no stock optimization and demand planning at all.

Naše řešení

The system Planning Wizard was applied to all key sectors of the company: top management, marketing, sales, production planning, buying of production and packaging material. The software detects the seassonality, automatically removes extreme values, predict future sales and promotions effects.

Bonavita recomputes their data four times a day so they can react to the dynamic business they run. The entire company watches the same numbers, charts and indicators in one system.

In the real operation the sales almost doubled decreasing the working capital by 35%! Right after the system went live, the company could close their external store capacities.

Stock and sales history from 2006 to 2013. Black arrow - start of using Planning Wizard,
red arrow - increase of sales, green arrow - decrease of stock volume and working capital

More about Bonavita

Except the traditional Czech and central European market represented by Slovakia, Poland, Germany and Hungary Bonavita also exports their production to The United Kingdom, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy and the countries of former Soviet Union. With great success they have entered to the scandinavian and arabic markets as well.